early morning psycho


Someone sent me a postcard picture of the earth

....on the back it said, "Wish you were here."

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early morning psycho

Hi, there.

I'm the maintainer of the hp_stlouis community and I wanted to make sure you saw the poll about our GoF movie viewing that we're getting ready to start planning. The poll is here. :)

Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out.

*is commenting to be added*


Hey there!

*goes to add you*

this is me commenting with the hopes of an add. you don't know me, and I don't actually know you either, but on my search for Numb3rs fic, I've been pointed in your direction, with promises of awesome Charlie/Larry fic =P

Of course I'll friend you! I'm always happy to meet new people. :)

People pointed you my way for fic? *blushes* I'm flattered.

Hi! I'm Danni. I just saw your post on genderqueer, and you seem really awesome and a lot like me. Cool if I add you? :)

Sure! Checked your profile and I was happy to see you're a Firefly fan. :)

Also, your icon is the shit.

*goes to friend you*

Hey, I do not know you at all, but I'd like to read some of your fic. Add me?

Sure! Sorry it took this long to get back to you, I've just been insanely busy.

add me, please?
I'd be a very happy camper!

Would you mind if I friended you?

Not at all. :)

*friends you back*


I'd love to be added since I was directed your way with the promise of Stabler/Huang. And totally great banner of Colonel Hottie McHotStuff, er...John Sheppard.

Sure, of course I'll add you. We Stabler/Huang fans need to stick together. :) And of course a fellow appreciator of the hotness of John Sheppard is always welcome.

*goes to friend*

Hi! I'm friending you so I can read Scrubs fic, yay! And you like SGA. YAY!

Friended you back, sorry that it took so long to respond.

I hope you like my fic and I'm glad to have another SGA fan on my flist. :)

Hi! I'm friending you becuase you're you and I'm Kim and we're friends in real life.

OH! And I <3 you.

Yay! Kim! So glad to be friended by the cuteness that is you. :)

I heart you too.

Hey! I left a comment in your Friends Only Explanation entry asking to be added, because I'm stupid. :P Add me please? you have a Scrubs fic I REALLY want to read, and you seem cool. :)

Sure, I'm sorry that it took so long to add you. I completely forgot, I've just been so busy lately.

add me too please! I would also love to read this fic I have been hearing so much about and I am a friendly person. ^_^

Love your stuff. Let's be friends!

Hi there, I'm new to livejournal but came across your yummy sounding scrubs fanfic..could I possibly friend you so I could read it?

Thank you,


Hey, I just got into Scrubs fanfic, and I wanted to read some of your stuff! Is there anyway I could bribe you to add me as your friend? Thanks!


Sure, sorry this took so long. I thought I'd added you before now.

Also, love the icon. *giggles*

I, too, would love to read your stories! Friends? ^.~

Can I be your friend? I've heard you're a good writer, so...

*friends you back*

I've heard you're a good writer


(Deleted comment)
Sure! Sorry it took so long. It seems I need to catch up on my friending.

Hello there.

I'm currently storming through ahestele's "Embers" and was intrigued by one of the posts talking about your fics so I looked at your memories and now I'm bursting with curiosity.

Please, please add me.
I'm a mannerly guest - don't talk with my mouth full and I make the bed in the morning.


Sure! Sorry this took so long. Always glad to have nice guests. :)

Hey, I'm having a night of reading Scrubs fic, and I continuously see your name popping up - plus you have Firefly and Good Omens fic as well, as if I didn't already have a reason to want to be friended - and anyway, I would love to read your stuff. I'll friend you as soon as I stop typing this comment, and would love to be friended back!

*friends you back* I'm sorry this took so long and I'd be overjoyed to have you read my fics.

Hello i am so new to LJ so i hope this works, i have recently got into scrubs fanfic and would love to read your works (begs on knees)i have friended you (hope that is cool) would love if you freinded back so i could read your stuff. Thanks

Sure! Sorry this took so long. I'll friend you back in a minute.

I just recently discovered the scrubs fandom and would love to read your fanfiction.

Hi, can I be added to your friends list? I'd really like to read your scrubs fic and it won't come up on myscrubsfic.

Added you! Sorry it took so long.

(Deleted comment)
Going to add you now. Sorry this took so long and I'm flattered you want to read my fic.


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