early morning psycho


Someone sent me a postcard picture of the earth

....on the back it said, "Wish you were here."

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early morning psycho

Hello? Is there anybody in there?

"...just nod if you can hear me... is there anybody home?"
Hi, I'd love to read your scrubs slash. Will you add me? I enjoy walks in the rain, music by Scissor Sisters, and am either too busy reading slash or too lazy to stalk anyone:)

Re: Hello? Is there anybody in there?

*g* I'll add you now. I too like walks in the rain and music by Ani DiFranco (I haven't heard of the Scissor Sisters).

found your journal through musicisavictim. since we have a lot of interests in common, i'd like to friend you... if that is okay with you. it would be really the nicest thing, if you could add me ^_^

Sure! I'll be sure to friend you. Always like to meet new people. And I have to ask, I'm curious about your username. Is it German?

i'm a big fan of your work and would love to be added. thanks!

So I was reading your bio and thought, "Hey, this sounds like Gabby!" So if you are, in fact, Gabby, this is Geese saying hello.

And if you're not, well, this is a random girl saying hello. Hello!

Hee! Hey Geese, this is in fact Gabby. :) Good to hear from you. How's life? When are you gonna be back in town? I finish up with finals in about a week.

Yo. I am yet another person asking to be added so I can read your Scrubs fiction XD. However, it also seems that we have similar interests/political views. Thanks a bunch!

Hello. Adding you to the f-list. I recall reading your stuff oh so long ago but I'm back again. XDXD


I don't know you, but I'd like to read some of your fics.
Add me please?

I am adding you to my friends list because of your Huang/Stabler fanfic.

Hi. Found you via scrubsfic, and I was wondering if you'd mind friending me back so I could read your fics. And I never post, only comment and lurk, so I won't bother you babbling-filled entries. :)

Hey, I've just started reading your "Numb3rs" drabbles (and I really like them ^^). I'm adding you to my f-list.

By the way - Merry Christmas! ^^

I love your work! Would you please friend me so I can read more?

Someone mentioned you write Stabler/Huang, would love to read it, and whatever else is lurking around here.

~ Judas Anubis

Going through the archives of jd_cox, I found your fic and would like to read it. Please let me? Thanks.

Oops. I lied. It was scrubsfic. That's all.

I've read some of your writing on Fanfiction.Net and would love to read more from you.

hey hey,
yes yes i wanna be your friiiieeeeeeeeend :sings: erm, im not good at singing:) but still, it the thought that counts ;)

Hello, fellow fanfic writer. Found you through Perpet Fic and would love to read some of your work.

Hi, I was pointed in this direction for your Stabler/Huang fanfiction and I was hoping you would add me pretty pretty please. There is a list of all the available fiction going around and you have quite the chunk!!!!

I just joined LJ so I don't know if I need to do anything.


i hope you're still adding people since i've read a few of your fics on communities and really like them. so i want to read more. ?

Hey, random person here wanting to read your stabler/huang fics. please add me.

So, I am a racist homophobic troll who is here to stalk you and possibly steal your credit card information.

Oh, and I'm also some crazy girl you might know who lives in BFE, I mean Cabra.

Friend me, damnit.

Hey, I'm just another random person looking to be friended so I can read more fanfiction.

Will y'all maybe add me? I saw a few of your posts on the Huang_Stabler group and I want read your stuff. Thanks! :)

Hello I just found the huang_stabler comm (I adore this pairing!) and was trying to read the fics that jwisni1 rec'd and would love to read yours :)


I sooo hope you still update this journal because I'm DYING for some SVU slash. Add me pleease??


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