early morning psycho


Someone sent me a postcard picture of the earth

....on the back it said, "Wish you were here."

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early morning psycho

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Hi! I'm Danni. I just saw your post on genderqueer, and you seem really awesome and a lot like me. Cool if I add you? :)

Sure! Checked your profile and I was happy to see you're a Firefly fan. :)

Also, your icon is the shit.

*goes to friend you*

Heh...I just finished watching Disc 3 for the fifth time last night, although it was only my second time sitting through War Stories. (That shit gives me nightmares! :-/) My roommate's a way bigger fan than I am...indeed, that's possible. She's a skilled costume designer...she won some prize for re-creating the dress Kaylee wears in Shindig. It is the most amazingtasticalest garment I have ever encountered, and it totally lives in my dorm room!!

Fern Gully is love. :)

That sounds so awesome! It's so cool that your roommate made that dress!

Fern Gully completely is love.

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